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Whether you choose to BUY or HIRE Haki System Scaffold from us, develop a partnership with UK System Scaffold Hire and we can help you to lower project costs and raise profitability.

From concept… to design… to trial erections… to training… to delivery, UKSSH are there to support you every step of the way. With over 150 years of collective knowhow and experience, substantial stocks and a commitment to excellence, you can trust UKSSH to get it right every time.

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Using only genuine HAKI components is important for peace of mind, important for safety and important if you want to meet the highest compliance requirements.

Every component that carries the HAKI name has been designed to deliver maximum safety and productivity, has been manufactured from the very best materials and tested to ensure its integrity. That’s why every HAKI component carries a unique identification mark to provide complete traceability.

UK System Scaffold Hire uses only genuine HAKI Access Systems to help serious scaffold companies work smarter, work faster, win more complex contracts and increase profitability. Using only genuine HAKI components is important for peace of mind, important for safety and important if you want to meet the highest compliance requirements.

Showcasing Our Products From public access temporary bridges and temporary staircases to market leading temporary roofs; from site stair towers to temporary buildings, HAKI’s product range is designed to combine versatility with unrivalled performance.
HAKI Public Access Staircases

 Public Access Staircases 

 UKSSH helps you to provide fully compliant, safe, fast and efficient public access. 

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HAKI Public Access Bridges

 Public Access Bridges 

 The Haki Bridge System is specially designed to handle greater loads while providing large clear spans. 

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HAKI Public Access Ramps

 Public Access Ramps 

 UKSSH Access ramps are fully compliant with public access legislation. 

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HAKI Weather Protection

 Weather Protection 

 UKSSH provide the most effective solution to protect your construction site, creating a comfortable and safe work environment in any type of weather. 

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HAKI Temporary Buildings

 Temporary Buildings 

 Structures that deliver a versatile, quick, adaptable and cost-effective solution for your storage or production needs. 

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HAKI Temporary Roofs

 Temporary Roofs 

 The HAKITEC 750 Roof System can be tailored to any structure and is lightweight, safe, fast and easy to erect. 

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 HAKI Systems 

 Haki System’s deliver versatility, speed of installation, safety and reliability. Perfect for birdcages and bridged decks. 

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HAKI Suspended


 For speed and safety, you can’t beat Haki Universal System Scaffold. 

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HAKI Site Stair Towers

 Site Stair Towers 

 The Traditional Haki stair and compact stair are the safe solution to meeting work at height regulations 

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HAKI Heavy Duty Supports

 Heavy Duty Supports 

 The HAKI Tripod is designed for really demanding scaffolding jobs where leg loads are high. 

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HAKI Loading Towers

 Loading Towers 

 A UKSSH LOADING TOWER reduces erection time by a remarkable 80% compared to tube and fittings. 

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What some of our customers say

Anders Friis, CEO, Friis Scaffolding AB

“... a very big thank you for a really professional job with our purchase of used HAKI scaffold... the service was outstanding and the quality of the material was just perfect".

John Gunn, MD J Gunn Scaffolding

“The team at UKSSH has years of experience in working on Network Rail projects, so the commercial, technical and health and safety requirements were second nature to them – it’s part of their DNA.”

Andy Thomas, MD of H&H Contract Scaffolding

“UK System Scaffold Hire made a substantial contribution to the success of the project and helped to control costs simply by getting the basics right – it may sound like damning with faint praise, but in our experience their attention to detail sets them apart from other hire companies.”

Mike Ward, Operations Director QED

“UKSSH are HAKI Public Access Staircase (PAS) specialists and once again provided the ideal solution with a minimum of fuss.”

Justin Wall, MD of Alliance Intelligent Scaffolding

“UKSSH’s response was immediate and impressive.”

Simon Wall, LTC Scaffolding

“It isn’t just the headline grabbing contributions that keep projects on track – sometimes it’s getting the small details right that makes you appreciate the importance of a business relationship.”

Steve Strang, McDonald Scaffolding Services

“Choosing a temporary building on price alone ignores considerations relating to adaptability, functionality and effectiveness... For prestigious projects where quality is the prime consideration, distance is really no object: UKSSH has a nationwide reputation and clients appreciate the expertise that they can bring to major schemes.”

Paul Jennings, MD Local Scaffold Services

“It was not only the Haki roof but also UKSSH’s commitment to customer support which meant that the solutions to the unique problems posed by the Haddon Hall project were both effective and trouble-free.”

Willy Irish, Triton Project Solutions

“UKSSH fully understand the legal requirements to deliver Public Access Staircases for national and international events – their designs are fully compliant.”

Andy Thomas, H and H Contract Scaffolding

“Collaborating with the team at UKSSH helped us to refine the scaffold design to optimise its performance, while minimising the number of components, thus achieving significant cost savings on the project.”

Paul Jennings, MD Local Scaffold Services

“Our experience shows that the quality of the product is more than matched by UKSSH’s commitment to customer service and providing technical support.”